3-ts-of-teachingMost of your curriculum has been decided. You have been given materials (or are expected to develop those materials) to meet the needs of your students. Here are some things you need to consider:

1.      What kind of schedule does your school use for grading? Is it by the semester, tri-mester, semester and marking periods, or marking periods?

2.      How does the curriculum you have been given meet the academic standards (state or core)?

3.      What do you want your students learn by the end of the year? By the end of the semester? Finally by the end of the marking period?

4.      Segment the marking period into timeframes. Most marking periods are nine weeks long. Decide how many weeks you will need to teach each standard or goal you have set for each marking period.

5.      Do the topics flow from one to another, do they need to? What do your students need to know to get to the next standard?

6.      For each new goal or standard, what do your students already know about the topic? How do you get that information?

7.      How will you know that the goals (standards) you have planned are being met?

8.      What objectives do you need to meet each of the goals (standards)? The indicators within the standards may help you with this. Most “indicators” are still very broad and will need you to break them down into steps/skills that the students need to learn.

9.      How will you know the objectives are met? How will you assess your students to know if they meet the objectives and/or the goals?

10.  Use the objectives to begin lesson planning. One objective per lesson. New material should only take 10 minutes or less to present. The presentation of the new material needs to have enough examples that the students appear to be understanding the material. This is followed by some non-examples-make errors for the students to correct.

11.   Then students need some guided practice. Have them work on the project, read the material, or complete the problems with your guidance until you are comfortable that they “get it.”

12.  Students need to practice what they are taught, independently. Must know 80-85% of the information for the practice to be effective.

13.  The following day review what was taught the day before. If this takes more than 5 minutes, you will need to reteach the objective.

We can walk you through this process…always good to practice! Check out the lesson-plan-template!