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Hello there!

Thank you for visiting Instructors Learn More. I founded this company out of my pure love for educating others and a belief that by educating those who educate, their education and the level of education they provide increases, therefore making the world a better place.

I have experience and education about teaching in my background, from earning my Bachelor of Science in Special Education – Emotionally Impaired with minors in Elementary Education and Math Education from Western Michigan University to moving on to get my Master of Science in Educational Leadership – Special Education and Ph.D. in Special Education from Indiana University.  

It doesn’t stop there though. I’m constantly learning and will be for my entire life. I learn because it ignites a fire inside me. The only thing that excites me more is sharing my passion and knowledge with other instructors. I believe that the better our instructors are, the better results we get from all of our learners. From business results such as increased revenue to more accomplished, successful, dedicated and educated learners within the education system from higher education to pre-k through 12. 


How We Can Help

To get results, my style is not a strict playbook of miracles that I provide to all clients. It’s all individual. It’s custom and that’s why it works. Instead of selling off a product laced with promises I dive into your organization, company or school with you I learn what you do, the culture, the intricacies and then facilitate as a collaborator, coach and transformative leader.

I walk with my clients through gathering information, getting input from all stakeholders, identifying the problem, solution and opportunity and give them the power to identify and solve problems all from within their own framework.

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Providing evidence-based professional development for those who instruct others to actively engage audiences/students through presentations and print.


To provide evidence-based professional development for corporate trainers, higher education faculty, Pk-12 teachers using innovative strategies and technology through strength-based language, assessment, and continuous improvement while actively engaging the audience through presentations and print.

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