Training Teachers Changes the World

Teachers are overwhelmed by testing and requirements which effects the education and development of students. We help teachers teach and students thrive.

Proper training meets rigid standards while leading all students down paths of successful education and development.

No matter what level of the education system you are dealing with there are specific ways to increase student learning in tandem with test scores.

Our Results

      • A pre-school went from “we need to fire a teacher” to “there’s a waitlist and we need to hire a teacher” within ONE year.
      • Double enrollment in a special education program.
      • Published numerous articles on special education and K-12 education
      • Served on the boards of multiple educational institutions

What Client’s Say

Highly recommend Instructors Learn More! Our preschool was on the verge of making the difficult decision of what teacher would have to be let go. Dodi changed all of that. With her help she examined the program and worked with us to implement trainings that within one year gave us a waitlist and the recruitment of a new instructor.

Improve Your Teaching

From working with individual teachers on their teaching to entire schools or departments our trainings examine the depths of your issues, organization, situation and more and create custom trainings specifically for you. Contact us here to learn more.

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